At Petite Delicates, collections of 5-10 pieces are launched monthly. These pieces are a mix of rare vintage items I’ve restored, vintage items I’ve reworked/redesigned, or handmade garments. The collections are themed in aesthetically pleasing color palettes.

For vintage items, I always try to source items in pristine condition, but occasionally there would be a few imperfections due to age. If this happens, I take the time to restore it by cleaning or sewing up the imperfections as best I can. Sometimes this process takes days. I would disclose any major flaws in descriptions. My goal is to revive vintage garments and help assimilate some of them into the modern day by reworking them.

Handmade garments are each made from scratch by me. I sketch out designs, create sewing patterns for them, create mockups, and finally sew the final piece. My designs are inspired by the coquette aesthetic and the timeless beauty of vintage garments. A common reason people stray away from this style is because it is typically sheer, made from lace. My garments use lace, but are lined with high quality fabrics so my customers can wear lace without worrying about sheerness.


It all started with a petite cat.

Petite Delicates started when my dear kitty fell ill. She was petite herself, standing 1'2. When she was diagnosed with end stage kidney disease, I wanted to spend as much time as possible with her and stayed home to take care of her. To provide for her, I started a business from home.

My kitty was very supportive and would watch me sew intently, despite being sick, and loved resting in my satin and silk clothes. She had her own wardrobe too, including a handmade pink satin birthday dress, cut from scrap vintage fabric. She has passed away now, but this brand continues, with love, in her memory.

(Petite) Deli(cat)es.